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Rapid Need Assessment - Hawija Response plan/ Part 1

SEDO team was prepaed Rapid Need Assessment in east of Shirqat and Zab district, the below is report for part (1) for northeast of Shirqat disrtict that contain assessment for (17) villages. RNA.pdf

Mosul City Multi-Cluster Rapid Needs Assessment - June 2017


Iraq: Mosul City Multi-Cluster Rapid Needs Assessment - June 2017

Shirqat IDPs Situation


Report about Shirqat IDPs


25 July 2016

Baiji – Salahaddin province

Republic of Iraq



Current Relief Efforts

Planning to establish the first private college in Tikrit city

SEDO Board Directors met on June 18, 2013 at SEDO headquarters and headed by Dr. Satam Hussein, Board Directors adopted several resolutions concerning the organization, and it was the most important decision is the agreement to open the first private college in Tikrit city, the new college will open officially after obtaining the approvals via Iraqi Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Also a lawyer has been appointed to follow up on this matter.

Visiting the Director of Business Development at Al-Handal International Group Companies for IBC

Mr. Ahmed Hassan (Business Development Manager) in Al-Handal International Group Companies was visit International Business Center (IBC) and met with Mr. Laith Ahmed (Director of IBC), Mr. Ahmed asked from IBC writing feasibility study for the Al-Handal Group on establishment of residential complexes in Tikrit city, the two parties agreed to write the study and completed in the fastest time.


Meeting of Mr. Laith Ahmed (Director of IBC) with with the Dean of Agricultural Faculty at Tikrit University

Mr. Laith Ahmed, director of IBC Visited Tikrit University and met with Dean of the Agricultural Faculty Dr. Kirkz Muhammad, and discussed the preparing a symposium on agriculture in Sharqat city in cooperation with the ICARDA, Dr. Karkaz showed  readiness to support the seminar and support farmers in the town of Sharqat, and the parties agreed to determine the first week in July as primary date for the symposium.



Participation of Mr. Mohammed Aljobouri in "Iraqi Young Leaders Academy" Conference

Mr. Muhammad Al-Jubouri, Executive Director of Tikrit Small Business Development Center participated in the "Iraqi Young Leaders Academy" conference, which was held the period from May 21 to 22, 2013 at the Canyon Hotel in Erbil, where Mr. Mohammed gave a lecture about "Planning". The seminar was attended by a number of Iraqi young leaders and sponsored by the German Embassy in Baghdad.


Workshop about "Role of Women in the Peace Process"

On Sunday, April 28, 2013, Baiji branch established a two-day workshop on the "Role of Women in the Peace Process", were lectures by specialists so the two consecutive days, the workshop was attended by 12 women from Baiji city different in ages and educational levels.





Establishing a training course on "How to Start a Small Business" for youth

within events of "Iraqi Youth Initiative" program that funded by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, SEDO was established a training course on how to start small projects for youthdad, Samarra branch established a five days training course for youths on "how to start a small business" and attended by 12 participants.





Establishing a training course in "CV writing skills" for youths

Within the program of "Iraqi Youth Initiative", Tikrit branch was established a training course on "CV writing Skills, interview and English language" for youths in order to improve the access of these youths into jobs and how to bring them to her, participated in the training course 15 person for a period of ten days


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