International and Local Organizations

Corporate Services benefited from many local civil society organizations and international organizations working in Iraq, and that was a variety of training services, counseling, employment, studies and capacity building.
One of those local and international organizations are:
  • UN mission in Iraq and its agencies.
  • International Rescue Committee.
  • 4Points.
  • Iraqi Red Crescent.
  • Alhadhara Organization for women empowerment.
  • Bank Alafkar Organization.
  • Zahra Organization for Administrative Development.
  • Organization of sustainable development of the capacities of women.
  • Alamal Organization for Human Rights
  • Shirqat Youth Organization.
  • Tawasol Organization for Press Freedom and Democracy.
  • Iraqi Union for Accountants and Auditors.
  • Iraqi Businessman Union.
  • Iraqi Chamber of Commerce.