International and Local Companies

SEDO worked with a lot of international companies such as U.S. companies, Chinese, Turkish and UAE in the field provide advice to invest in Iraq and write feasibility studies for investment projects, some those companies are:
  •  USIS Company:

write a feasibility study for establish an electric power generating station in the Basrah province, were obtained an investment license from the Basra Investment Commission and the investment value is estimated at $ 60 million.


  • Dhabi Holding Company:

Write a feasibility study for this company to establish a mill in Tikrit city.


Writing a feasibility study for the establishment of a residential complex for 300 housing fella in Tikrit city, the company obtained the impact of this study an investment license from Salahaddin Investment Commission.



Also SEDO worked with dozens of local companies operating in Iraq and provided them with consulting services, market studies, feasibility studies, planning and audit services. some of those companies are:


  • Nahir Almerjaan Company for Commercial Agencies.

SEDO provided a financial consultant, administrative and auditing services to this company in the Games City project.
  • Alhamad Company for Communications and IT.

SEDO has prepared a feasibility study for this company to a major communications project in the province of Salah al-Din.


  • Al-Faw Company

SEDO Contributed to provide the labor for this company projects in Iraq in general and in Salahuddin province in particular, as well as providing financial consulting, auditing services.



  • Wadi Alrafideen Company for Insurance:

providing employment and training services in addition to financial and accounting consulting.