Salahaddin Businesswomen Center

In Iraq, women face a high level of unemployment due to low employment opportunities.  In addition, women in Iraq represent a low number of registered businesses.  Although micro-grants have helped to provide a source of funding to increase the number of small businesses, prospective women entrepreneurs often lack the skill sets, knowledge and training to maintain and sustain their businesses. 
Salahaddin Businesswomen Center assisted to empower women with the tools about business ownership in order to increase the number of women-owned small businesses and the number of women employed in Iraq.
This center provide the following services:
Small business training to educate and train women entrepreneurs
Provide assistance to prospective women entrepreneurs to develop a business plan.
Award women entrepreneurs at the completion of training with micro-loan funding for their business.
Target Group: The total beneficiaries are 165 women of rural areas of Iraq, but the project will undoubtedly have an effect on Iraq as a whole.
Long-Term Goal/Objectives
Promote and increase the number of women-owned small businesses.
Empower women with the tools to make informed decisions about business ownership through training, business coaching and mentoring.
Strengthening the local economy by assisting women to begin and expand businesses and by fostering a healthy business environment.
Metric (How) 
Solicit the prospective women entrepreneurs who are seeking to start a small business that will result in the hiring no less than 2 women employees:
o Solicitation and identification of prospective women entrepreneurs will be via word-of-mouth.
o Develop and administer Small Business Development Training to local women entrepreneurs and their employees within Iraq to include:
Entry-level IT training (Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Internet usage)
Basic business mathematics training- (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, fractions, decimals).  Bookkeeping and data processing require the use of computational skills and necessitate accuracy and neatness in recording numerical data.
Basic Accounting skills 
o Using a business plan template, assist local prospective women entrepreneurs to develop a complete and detailed business plan proposal.
o Assist local prospective women entrepreneurs to procure funding (micro-loans) and navigate the financing process in starting a new business.
o Provide local small-medium enterprises with marketing and advertising resources. 
o Provide information to potential women entrepreneurs and assist them in the successful start-up and management of their new businesses.  
o Utilize specialized business consultants to assist women on specific business industries according to their business proposal.
o Maintain a directory of women training to be utilized by coalition advisors and Iraqi government organizations.
Completion of the small business development training will be marked by a complete and detailed business plan proposal. 
At the completion of training, the approved business plan proposals will be awarded a micro-loans through MFI institutions and Banks.
IT Training for women
Women group
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